The Company

Near the town of Filiatra in Messinia, in the province of Triphylia on southwestern Peloponnese, in an area known by locals as "Virό", is our family olive-grove. The word "Virό" from which we inspired the name of our olive oil, is a name of a place and it is derived from the old Slavic word "BIP" and "BIPA", which means source and outflow of water in the area of the water cavities. Therefore, that area is also suitable for growing olives since the microclimate and the fertile soil are ideal conditions for growing trees that produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.

We've been producing with great care this fine product for three generations. Every year, in the middle of November, our olive oil crop is gathered with loving care. The olives "koroneiki" variety are picked by beating the tree branches with sticks, the olives fall on nets and then are stored in sneaker sacks. Without any delay, they are transferred to the mill for 'cold extraction', which is the method of centrifugation of the olive paste at a very low temperature <25°C. In this way, we achieve a high quality extra virgin olive oil of low acidity and high biological and nutritional value. Besides, in our "limited edition" product the acidity of the oil does not exceed 0.3 %.

During the entire process (cultivation, harvest, manufacture, product standardization) until the disposal of our olive oil to the final consumer, inviolable rule for us is to follow all the international standards of safety and food quality (ISO and HACCP).