Giant Beans in Oven

gigantes plaki

The 'giant beans' is a baked food that is eaten either hot or cool. According to the Mediterranean model of nutrition it is highly recommended the consumption of legumes at least twice a week. Legumes are recognized as a 'super powerful food' since they offer starch, protein, fiber, vitamins B and minerals such as magnesium and potassium. It is also notable that they protect against various types of cancer, they help weight loss due to their low fat content and last but not least they contribute to the reduction of cholesterol.


Cabbage Rolls


The cabbage rolls is a balanced meal, rich in vitamins B and a good source of folic acid. The cabbage itself is rich in fiber and vitamin C.


Beans Salad with Vinnaigrette

fasolia ladoxydo

Beans are an excellent source of soluble fiber. A cup covers one third of the daily protein requirement without adding more burden on the organism with the quantities of saturated fats which come from the red meat. It is better that legumes are accompanied by foods rich in vitamin C as these substances increase the absorption of iron. Finally, it is good to note that adding extra virgin olive oil offers more taste to the beans.




On 27th of August each year, the Orthodox Church celebrates the 'Saint Fanourio'. The housewives fill the churches with the well-known 'fanouropites', which after being blessed by the priest of the church they are cut and shared to all attendees. It has been established to make fanouropita when we have missed something. However, there are variations in tradition in different regions of Greece regarding the reason of somebody making 'fanouropita'.


Olive Oil Cookies

koulourakia ladiou

Delicious, easy to prepare and fasting. They can accompany either your morning coffee or they can add a touch of pleasure to your afternoon snack. You can even integrate them into the diet of your children since they consist of a healthy homemade sweet.


Carrot Cookies

Κουλούρια Καρότου

The carrot is an excellent source of antioxidants and the richest vegetable source of beta carotene. It is eaten raw, in salads or even cooked in greasy foods such as peas, lentils and bean soup. It is useful to note that the carrot lipolytic substances are better absorbed with the addition of extra virgin olive oil.